Introducing - the Side Salad

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You've Asked!  We Responded!

Kitty lovers from all over the United States have asked us to develop an even easier-to-grow, self-contained growing kit.

The New Side Salad

It's as easy as cut off the top of the bag and water. It grows anywhere and at any time of the year.


We love the new Side Salad! You will too!
Here's why:

We are convinced that you and the one you truly love, will love our new Side Salads!

  • Bye, Bye Plastic Bowls!  Say hello to our most green product yet! Made from paper with just a hint of plastic lining.
  • Easy, Convenient! Grows in Just 5 Days!
  • Three Popular Seed Choices! Wheat Seeds or Barley Grass Seeds or Combination of Barley and Wheat Seeds

Side Salad growing instructions:

Cut off top of bag below the zipper seal.  Remove packet of seeds.  Gently spread the base of the packet so that it is able to stand-up on its own.  Set aside approximately one to two tablespoons of soil for use later.  Sprinkle entire packet of seeds on top of the soil that is in the bag.  Use remainder of the soil to cover the seeds and press down gently.  Moisten with water, being careful not to over water.  Set in a sunny, warm spot.  Seeds will germinate in 5-7 days.  When they reach 3-4 inches high, offer to kitty.

Grass matures in 2-3 weeks. Palatability and your cat's interest decreases as plants mature.  Keep plenty of Side Salads on hand, so you'll always have fresh organic grass growing for the one you truly love!

Share with friends! Side Salads make a great gift!

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More Side Salad Details:

The Side Salad provides your cat with organic green grass all year round.  The kit contains everything that you need to help keep your cat healthy and in the greens. It contains growing medium, seeds and container.  You just add the water!

Side Salads are our greenest product yet.  We've done away with the plastic bowls.  The Side Salad grows in a disposable paper bag with a very thin plastic lining.  After the grass matures, the entire package can be thrown away without the guilt of filling our landfills with unwanted wasted plastic.

This kit is simple to grow.  It grows indoors anywhere from the Alaskan Tundra to the deserts of Nevada.  It can also be grown any time of the year.  Your precious kitty can have fresh, tender green grass available at all times.

Pssst! It's not just for cats, it's great for birds, rabbits and other grass eating pets.

Side Salad Ready in Just 5 Days!

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We want to know what you think.  We value your ideas, suggestions and improvements. 

We would also love for you to send us video or pics of your kitties enjoying their Side Salad.

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