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Our Products are Listed Below:

Just Seeds

Kitty Grass Seeds - Barley, Wheat or Barley and Wheat Mix

Purchase just the seeds and plant them in whatever container you choose.  

For soil we suggest purchasing bags of organic soil from your local green house or home improvement store. Just make sure the soil or growing medium is pesticide free and free of other contaminants that may be harmful to kitty.

What you need to grow your own organic wheatgrass or barley grass:

  • A coffee cup, small clay pot for a small amounts of grass. For large amounts of grass, try growing it in 8" pots or even a cake pan.
  • Clean, fresh potting soil or mixture (Refrain from using dirt from outdoors because it may contain bugs, pesticides or chemicals that could be dangerous to kitty.)
  • Water
  • Our organic grass seeds

(The picture on the left is an example of growing our Wheat Grass Seeds in a 4" pot with about two tablespoons of seeds.)

Keep plenty of seeds on hand for frequent fresh plantings. Grass matures in about 14 days and your cat may loose interest in it.  Kitties prefer the young, tender blades of grass.

Seed Choices

Just Seeds "Mixture" of Wheat, Barley and Flax

(Contains about: 25% Flax; 50% Wheat; 25% Barley)

Flax is not a grass but Flax adds a nice texture and cats love this plant while it is young and tender.

Buy - $5.95 - 8 oz.
Just Seeds Mixture
Barley, Wheat, Flax
Item# 3003

Buy - $11.00 - 1 lb.
Just Seeds Mixture
Barley, Wheat, Flax
Item# 3020

Just Seeds
"Wheat and Barley"

Our Best Seller! (Contains about: 50% Wheat; 50% Barley)

Buy - $5.95 - 8 oz.
Just Seeds
Barley, Wheat/
Item# 3008

Buy - $11.00 - 1 lb.
Just Seeds
Barley, Wheat/
Item# 3021

Just Seeds "Barley"


Contains:  100% Barley Seeds

Buy - $5.95 - 8 oz.
Just Seeds

Buy - $11.00 - 1 lb.
Just Seeds

Just Seeds "Wheat (Wheatgrass)"

wheat seeds

Contains: 100% Wheat Seeds.

(Easiest to Grow and customers say this is the grass that their kitty likes best.)  


Buy - $5.95 - 8 oz.
Just Seeds - 100% Wheat
Item# 3006

Buy - $11.00
Just Seeds - 100% Wheat
Item# 3023

Just Seeds "Oats"
8 oz.

Contains:  100% Oat Seeds


Buy - $5.95 - 8 oz.
Oat Seeds
Item# 3100

Buy - $11.00 - 1 lb.
Oat Seeds
Item# 3024

"Outrageous" Bag of Cat Nip

Turn a sour puss into a playful kitten.  Use our organically grown catnip to recharge toys or scatter around scratching posts to encourage kitty to scratch on his furniture and not yours.

How it works? Only cats are affected and some cats more than others.  It is believed that the Aromatic oils (monoterpene, nepetalactone) cause the effect.  Cats will rub against it, roll in it and sometimes ingest the plant, and then act "drunk", "giddy" or "playful" for a few or several minutes.  No lasting toxicity is reported.  If excessive amounts are ingested, vomiting and diarrhea may result.

Outrageous Catnip


Pure, potent and pesticide free Organic Catnip.  Our FRESH Cat Nip comes from the 2012 harvest.

The minty aroma is relished by cats and cat lovers across the USA and the World. $5.95   1.0 oz

Buy - $5.95



One Pound Bag of Organic Catnip

For those of you that aren't familiar with catnip, one lb. is a lot of catnip and is usually too much for single cat families.

This bag would be great for people who make toys or need catnip for fund raising but who do not need the minimum 5 lb. bulk wholesale priced catnip.


New!  1 lb Bag of Organic Catnip!

Pure, potent and pesticide free Organic Catnip. 

The minty aroma is relished by cats and cat lovers across the USA and the World. $25.95   1.0 lb.

This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail and will be delivered in two to three business days.

If you are looking for wholesale prices, click here.


Buy - $25.95 - 1 lb.

Really Cute Catnip Toys

Catnip Mice

These catnip mice are special.  They are hand made by a lovely and caring woman from Ohio. Each mouse is made with love.  $1.00 for EACH mouse purchased goes to The Cats 'n' Us Shelter in New Philadelphia, OH. Cats 'n' Us provides shelter for homeless, lost and unwanted cats and kittens.

Do a Good Thing and Make your Kitty Happy too!  Guaranteed to Please!

Hand Made Catnip Mouse - Body is 3" by 1.5" with 8" leather tail. Mixed colors and fabrics. No mouse is the same. Item# 2005CC
$2.50 Each


Life's Abundance Cat Food

Life's Abundance Cat Food System 


Click for more information about Cat Food from Life's Abundance. (A new window will open to another website.)

This is the food that we feed all of our kitties.

Our indoor kitties and all of our barn cats have been enjoying Life's Abundance Health Food for Cats for over nine years. 

I truly believe that the superior nutrition provided by Life's Abundance, throughout the years, has made them healthy, happy cats and well-nourished cats make fewer trips to the vet.
-- Bev Storer, Bigfork, MT

We highly recommend Lifes Abundance Cat Food to to help keep your kitty happy and healthy for years to come.

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats does not contain added chemical preservatives, corn, wheat, byproducts, artificial colors flavors.

Life’s Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your cat achieve optimum health.

Life's Abundance uses a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. Strict inventory controls ensure the quality and safety of the cat food.

The feline-friendly nuggets and savory flavor are appealing to even the most finicky of cats, so order your Life’s Abundance Cat Food today!

Click Here to Learn More.

Life's Abundance Pet Foods are manufactured in the United States, and all ingredients are sourced from the United States.  The food is shipped to your door.