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Organic CatnipOur fresh organic catnip is grown and dried in the Pacific Northwest.

Our bulk milled catnip is certified organically grown and is pesticide and herbicide free. It is top of the line. 





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(We now sell bulk catnip online at a different website. Click to open site>>>  http://buy-catnip.com)

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Purchasing Bulk Catnip is Economical and Convenient

If you use a lot of catnip, the economics of scale begin to work for you when you purchase bulk catnip as opposed to smaller more expensive packaged catnip.

With proper storage, bulk catnip will stay fresh and potent for a long time. (Milled catnip keeps best when stored in a cool dark place with an package with airtight seal.) 

The simplicity of being able to order once instead of repeatedly is convenient. Not to mention, the savings from shipping. Repetitive orders of small amounts and shipping charges add up over time!

Did you know?

Buying Organic is Better for Our Environment...

By purchasing our organic catnip and seeds, you are keeping chemicals and pesticides out of our environment and helping to promote small farmers and sustainable agriculture!

Thanks for buying organic!


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