CityCats.Biz is an American, Family-Owned Small Business. All our grass seeds come from Montana.  Our catnip is organically grown either in Montana or in Washington.

Instead of increasing prices like many of our competitors during this economic downturn, we have not raised our prices for 8 years in order to keep our prices low for you. is a resource for Organic Catnip (cat nip), kitty grass seeds, cat grass growing kits, cat food, and unique gifts for the one you really love. Bulk Kitty Grass Seed and Catnip orders welcome.

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Our catnip is organic and free of pesticides so you can be assured that there is nothing that would harm kitty.

Quality of products have always been important to us. We are concerned about our health and we carry that same concern to the health of our pets and the other ranch animals.

CityCats specializes in -

  • Organic Milled Catnip (Cat Nip) - Wholesale and Retail
  • Natural Grass Seeds that Grow into Tender Blades of Grass that Cats Just Love
  • Kitty Grass Growing Kits
  • Life's Abundance Cat Food
  • Cat Grass Seeds and Catnip make Great Fund Raisers

Natural Grasses for Cats and Other Grass Loving Pets:

If your Kitty (or other grass loving pet) has never had the pleasure of enjoying fresh, green kitty grass, this is the place to learn more about it's benefits.

Healthy and natural barley, oat and wheatgrass provides an excellent source of green vegetation. Our grasses are easy to grow, just plant the seeds and within a few days - the grass is ready to enjoy!  Cats have a natural, innate tendency to eat grass and they love CityCats tender green blades.

Our Natural Grass Seeds are not Just for Cats.

Grow it for dogs, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, reptiles and birds. Customers even grow it for Wallabies and other marsupials. Our grass is so safe that humans juice it for the quality natural nutrients it contains.

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About our Premium Milled Organic Catnip:

"Catnip" is the common name for a perennial herb from the mint family.

Catnip provides a natural “feel good” experience for kitties. When offered to your kitty an amazing reaction* occurs! Your kitty will rub it, roll around in it, kick at it, and generally go nuts for about two to three minutes. After that, most kitties lose interest and walk away.

(*Not all cats react to catnip but most do.)

Because there really isn't any plant scent that causes this sort of giddy reaction in humans, catnip is hard for most people to understand.

Although we can't explain exactly what happens in the cat's brain when exposed to catnip, we do know that it is the chemical nepetalactone in the catnip that triggers the response.

Catnip is considered safe, natural and non-addictive. uses only premium, organic, milled catnip grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. (Some catnip brands get their catnip from China.) Our catnip is free of pesticides and bugs that could be found in other brands of catnip.

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Bulk Catnip Orders for Big Projects

Toy manufacturers please contact us for bulk orders. We supply large quantities of Catnip throughout the world!





A nutritional system consists of cat food and a separate chewable nutritional supplement.

Does your cat need a nutritional system?

All cats and kittens have different nutritional requirements. Age, activity level, environment, genetics, breed and other factors determine your cat’s special needs. Although a good premium food will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot always supply all the nutrients necessary to fulfill those unique requirements. For example, a nervous cat requires more B vitamins than a calm kitty.

A deficiency of just one or more nutrients might leave your cat or kitten vulnerable to health challenges. Nutrients that specifically support your cat's natural defenses are vital to good health. That's why we recommend the Life's Abundance Daily Nutritional System for Cats.

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